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Andja, Iona College

Software engineer / Fintech

Whether you are a college student or professional, in need of a career change we help our clients navigate the ever-changing and competitive job market landscape. Through coaching and engaging discussions, we encourage our clients to keep an open mind thus giving themselves the opportunities to explore other industry careers they may not have previously thought about


Tyawn, Iona College

Criminal Justice / Pre Law

The coaching experience has been very valuable … It has helped me improve my emotional well-being …
I am more self-confident, much more aware of my feelings, and have a more positive mindset — not just
about work, but life in general.

Wow, I am speechless at how amazing of a session that was. So helpful, and gave me many tools to move forward. I didn’t know that was possible to do in 30 minutes, but my Coach guided us through such an efficient journey. Thank you!”


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